The Mediterranean diet is common in coastal
areas of Southern Europe. It focuses heav-
ily on the consumption of olive oil and nuts.
Olive oil and nuts contain monounsaturated
fatty acids or “good-fats” that help reduce
bad fat in the blood stream therefore reduc-
ing cholesterol.
A recent study published in the New England
Journal of Medicine showed a significant
decrease in the risk of cardiovascular
disease in individuals who practiced the
Mediterranean diet. The trial looked at
about 7,500 individuals who were divided
in to three groups. One group was given the
Mediterranean diet plus olive oil, another
was given the Mediterranean diet plus nuts
(walnuts, almonds and hazel nuts), and the
last group did not follow the Mediterranean
diet; rather followed a typical low-fat diet.
The study participants were not limited to
amount of food consumption or given any
instruction on physical activity.
Half way through the intervention, the research-
ers noted a significant cardiac improvement
among both groups of participants of the
Mediterranean diet. Ultimately, the diet showed
to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
by 25% to 30%.
Lower Your Risk of Cardiovascular
Diseases with the Mediterranean Diet
By Mujahed Khan, Research Manager
Spring 2013
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