By Haider Z. Khattak and M. A. Khan
There is no proper definition for junk food and there will
never be one. If we google it, we may find that junk food
refers to any man-made food which is often high in fat, sugar
and salt. Of course, so-called junk foods typically contain
high levels of calories. The human body requires protein, fat,
carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals but in moderation.
Some health-conscious people consider salted snack foods,
gum, candy, sweet desserts, fried fast food and carbonated
beverages as junk food. On the other hand, foods such as
pizza or hamburger can either be considered as healthy or
junk food depending upon the ingredients used in the prepa-
ration. The unhealthy eating habit may be categorized as the
consumption of junk food.
If someone really wants to get rid of junk food, he or she must
watch the pictures or videos of hungry people on YouTube or
other social media. A few days ago, a picture made me cry
when I saw an African woman was making dough out of soil.
A person who eats more than what he actually needs cannot
Junk Food
One’s Junk Food Can Be
Another’s Life Line
Summer 2013
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