“We make packing snacks and lunches extra
fun and special for the kids,” she says. “On
weekends we go fruit picking. Zaki and Noor
love eating their hand-picked fruits. It just
gives them a personal feel to what they con-
sume,” Rahman says.
Rahman is also consistent about throwing in veg-
etables into whichever foods she can for her kids.
For example, for breakfast she will toss in chopped
spinach, tomatoes, and onions into their omelet. Zaki and Noor
usually do not mind the extra color and flavor to their eggs and
happily eat their morning meal.
“For snack time, the kids love homemade Pico de gallo,” shares
Rahman. “It is a staple in our home with a side of plain tortilla
chips. Soups also make great appetizers or even meals for kids, and
with the right flavoring, they will slurp up all the vegetables with
a smile. Also fresh salad or steamed veggies such as asparagus are
served regularly with our dinners. Sometimes I will throw in dried
cranberries or diced strawberries or grapes into their salads, and
the kids will actually eat that as their dessert!”
If salad for dessert does not seem likely to win over the little
ones, then a tall glass of juiced vegetables might do the trick.
Juicing is a great way to enjoy veggies, and one glass can suffice
as a whole meal. It is a simple and easy way to get all the good-
ness out of vegetables. If there is juice leftover, Zainab Sozzer
recommends freezing it by making mini popsicles out of it. Her
sons Muhammad and Ahmad Kamani, ages 3 and 2, love juiced
veggie drinks or smoothies.
“Alhumdullilah, it makes me happy to see my kids fighting
over kale juice or a broccoli smoothie,” says Sozzer of Chicago,
Illinois. “They also enjoy anything with carrots, and to add some
natural sweetness, I throw in some apples or cantaloupe into
the juicer. After the boys have had their share, whatever juice
remains, I simply pour into Popsicle trays and freeze for some
yummy, nutritious relief on a hot day later,” she says.
Catering to kids’ dietary needs does not have to be at the
expense of healthy eating. There are many healthy options out
there starting with the produce section of the grocery store. It
may require some proper pre-planning before heading out to the
store and allowing a few extra minutes to prepare the snacks
and meals. In the end, it is worth it when children snack on
fruits and vegetables instead of chips and cookies. Parents must
be the best of models. There is no real trick involved except
to make eating vegetables a usual part of the family regimen.
Presentation plays a major role in turning those greens into veg-
gielicious options. A healthier foundation will only lead to a
stronger, longer future for everyone.
Director Muslim Library
and Resource Center,
Chicago, IL
A premier not-for-profit organization is in the process
of establishing an Islamic library and resource center
in the heart of downtown Chicago. It is a brand new
project whose details will emerge from practice. A build-
ing has been acquired for this purpose. We are looking
for a creative and energetic individual with strong
public service orientation. Enthusiasm, flexibility, and
self-motivation are essential for this job. The candidate
should be a dynamic leader who is passionate about
serving the cause of Islam and Muslim community in
the United States. The person needs to develop the
project and work closely with neighboring schools, col-
leges, religious institutions, and civic groups. We would
like to see this facility be the center of Islamic learning,
outreach, and civic and interfaith engagement.
The ideal candidate should have a bachelor’s, prefer-
ably master’s, in relevant sciences such as media, cul-
ture, political science, religion, law, etc. He/she should
have held responsible positions in the past, and should
know how to apply 21st century tools and technologies.
Working knowledge of Islam and U.S. Muslim commu-
nity, excellent communication, and interpersonal skills
are must. The successful candidate should be broadly
focused and adventurous enough to expand the range
of center’s operation to meet the evolving needs.
A generous compensation package includes competi-
tive salary, health benefits, and retirement plan.
E-mail your resume to: zkazmi
zhkcpa.com or mail
hard copy to: PO Box 597722, Chicago, IL.
Summer 2013
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