Winter 2012
Thanksgiving Treats
with Malika Ameen
Low Calorie Bread Pudding
Courtesy Mrs. Cay’s Cupcakes
Serving Size 6 | Total prep time 15 minutes | Baking time 40 minutes
Calories: 158 per serving | Total Carbs: 25 g | Fiber: 1g
3 Tbsp. Vegetable Oil or Butter
2 Cups Milk
½ Cup Sugar (can be substituted with baking sweetener, like
4 Egg Whites
Tsp Salt or a pinch
1 Tsp Vanilla essence (alcohol free)
3 Cups Bread, cut into 1” cubes (whole grain bread or sour-
dough bread give good results and are high in fiber)
¼ Cup Raisins (optional)
¼ Cup Dried cranberries (optional)
¼ Cup Slivered Almonds
½ Tsp Cinnamon
Pecans for decorate
Light Whipped Cream, if desired
1. Preheat oven 350 degrees .grease 8”x8” dish butter.
2. Place the bread cubes in the prepared dish. Sprinkle with rai-
sins, cranberries and almonds.
3. Cook milk, sugar and the oil/butter on medium heat, until the
butter is melted. Make sure that the milk is just warm, not hot.
4. Whisk the egg whites, slowly add the milk mixture while beating
the egg whites till its blended. Add vanilla and salt.
5. Pour the egg and milk mixture over the bread cubes, making
sure everything is nicely soaked. Top with pecans and sprinkle
6. Place this dish in a bigger oven proof dish, fill the bigger dish
with halfway hot water..
7. Put the dishes in the oven for 40 minutes or until the sides are
golden brown.
8. Let cool and serve with whipped cream.
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