From the Publisher’s Desk
Aasalamu Alaikum
From its inception, IFANCA educational programs have served consumers with information
on Halal; nutrition; food trends and health issues. In 1982 IFANCA began issuing The Islamic
, a newspaper styled publication covering IFANCA certification procedures; halal
dietary requirements; health related issues and more. In 1988 The Islamic Perspective changed to
a magazine style publication and introduced color. And in 2000, The Islamic Perspective evolved
into Halal Consumer
, the glossy, color magazine you see today. Publication evolved from the
tedious cutting and pasting of printed material to the current electronic production methods. And
circulation increased from 5,000 copies per issue to over 60,000 copies per issue today.
Through this evolution consumers have become savvier and more involved in the development of food products. Fat
content; genetically modified organisms; ingredient sources and hormone and antibiotic free (organic) farming are
but a few of the current concerns among consumers. Halal Consumer will continue to bring you articles addressing
these and other issues of concern as well as healthy and yummy recipes and the latest news on halal developments.
It is you, the consumer, that has made these publications a success and we want to thank you for your support.
Please continue to send us your ideas and do continue to let the food producers and marketers know your prefer-
ence for halal products.
Muhammad Munir Chaudry
The advertisements in Halal Consumer magazine do not necessarily imply endorsement or halal certification by IFANCA. Please
to verify halal certification by IFANCA. None of the health-related information contained here should be used in lieu of medical
advice nor should it be used without consulting a physician first. Halal Consumer magazine, its writers and editors, its parent organization IFANCA,
IFANCA’s board of directors, and its employees and consultants are not liable for any actions taken by individuals or groups based on the information,
including recipes, presented here.
Summer 2013
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