We are all well aware of buying healthy
foods, establish good eating habits and to
exercise. But how many of us are able to do
this on a regular basis and make that a life-
time commitment? Indeed, there are several
people among us who have been able to
manage their health and go that extra mile
to maintain their weight. I am also one of
those people, and I am delighted to share
my tips with Halal Consumer to educate its
readers, and emphasize to them the impor-
tance of eating healthy for a healthy lifestyle.
Maintaining weight is not a myth or a mystery. It is
not impossible either. It is a reality that needs to be
admitted and addressed for a proper and a success-
ful outcome. But what would it take a person to find
that kind of motivation to get started on this healthy
journey. For me it was my health. Therefore, it did
not take me a single moment to delay further being
healthy, and I started to get back in shape as soon as
I was struck by this question.
One can read about all the informative materi-
als that are available on what to buy as healthy
foods, how to get fit and maintain a healthy
weight for life. People who are actually practicing
a healthy lifestyle can also inspire one another,
and that is my aim and mission. Mass produc-
tion of unhealthy foods has always been a health
issue and is on the rise nowadays. Diseases such
as diabetes and obesity are swarming everywhere
and invading people's health. Cancer is now also
being linked to obesity according to some latest
clinical researches. Hence, it is up to an individual
to observe and incorporate healthy eating habits
to establish a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, choos-
ing healthier foods for cooking and eating healthy
became my number one mission. I knew that I
couldn't choose to get healthy seasonally or occa-
sionally. But it should be done on a regular basis
for the rest of my life. I also believed that my regi-
men must not slow down or get flexible around
the holidays or celebrations, and should not excel
only around spring or summer.
I trained myself to be disciplined about eating
healthy as well as choosing healthy foods because
I knew that a healthy lifestyle is achieved only with
discipline and conviction. It also requires cour-
age to overcome cravings and takes a lot of time
and patience to see desired results. But choosing
healthy foods and eating healthy is just one step
towards great health. The other important factors
to stay healthy and have a healthy lifestyle are
eating in moderation, exercise and activity. All of
these factors go hand in hand. That is so because
the amount of food intake also plays a significant
role in losing and maintaining weight.
A lot of people think that only buying and eating
healthy foods will end their weight war. But los-
ing and maintaining weight also requires eating
smaller portions, and burn off those consumed
calories with exercise.
One must burn all of the old and saturated
calories to make new room for the newer and
healthier calories. Think of it as if you do not burn
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