the old and existing calories then the newer ones
will pile up and will continue to further increase
your BMI.
Therefore, exercise is the other key to unlock the
treasure box of your health. It banishes many
ailments and prevents common injuries from
occurring. However, with today's hustle and bus-
tle, exercising has become most challenging and
the hardest. But had it been the case, and then
nobody would have attained a healthy body and
maintained ideal weight. It is one's own lack of
determination and commitment that becomes an
obstacle or clears the path.
Self-motivation is also very essential, so that is
why I became my own motivator, and I commit-
ted to myself to exercise three to four days a week
besides my job and taking care of my family. I
became my own health instructor and cheer-
leader. When I took the lead, I was able to become
more concerned and accountable for my own
eating habits. It helped me a lot to control and
manage my weight. Accountability of what I ate
and how much I ate helped and guided me to stay
on my health track and reach my target weight.
Choosing and eating healthy foods is a reflection
of an individual’s lifestyle and his/her own com-
mitment to health. One should keep in mind that
the eyes are bigger than the stomach before con-
suming food. Therefore, eating in moderation is
as essential as choosing and eating healthy food
along with exercise. Successful results can be
achieved by practicing all of these remedies and
can make anybody the healthiest body for life.
Summer 2013
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