By Saira Mohiuddin
It is said that people eat with their eyes first
and the way food looks has the power to
augment or diminish its taste. Uncomplicated
pretty plating techniques can elevate our stan-
dards in the kitchen and make family meal
times that much more interesting. And you
don’t have to be a gourmet cook to accom-
plish this. Personally speaking, presenting
my food beautifully to loved ones gives me
an extreme sense of satisfaction.
Pretty Plating
Pretty plating involves using color and proportionate serving sizes.
Less is always more when it comes to presenting your food artistically.
Three to four components on a plate are more than enough. Food
always looks best when served on white plates to provide a contrast
and act as a canvas. When it comes to plating your dish, consider com-
plimentary colors such as green and red. Ingredients such as rainbow
carrots and heirloom tomatoes can bring that “wow” factor to your
presentation. Too much of one color can take away from the visual
appeal of your plated dish so mix it up a bit, without overcomplicating
your dish.
Summon Your Inner Arti st
Cake served with ice-cream is one of the most common desserts. One
can simply cut out a square piece of cake and plop some vanilla ice
cream on it. Sure, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as it tastes
good, right? On the other hand, one can put their inner artist to work
and get creative. Consider peppering the plate with cinnamon sugar
before you place the cake on it. In addition, you can melt dark choco-
late, and pour it into a squeeze bottle, and create abstract chocolate
art ( See Spiced Brownie recipe below). This is a great accent for your
beautifully plated dessert and takes only minutes to create. Elegantly
plated food does not mean that it has to look flawless. Do not sweat
the small imperfections. Keep your energy light, mind at ease and the
rest will fall into place. Most importantly, have fun with it.
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