Winter 2012
The Fit Muslim
— Come Rain or Snow
By Kiran Ansari and Ayub Pathan
We weren’t put on this earth to be slaves to food; we were put on this
earth to be slaves to God, is the philosophy New Yorker Zainab Ismail
lives by. As her feet pound the running track, come rain or snow, her
heart finds solace in
(reciting supplications). Chalk it up to a pas-
sion for fitness, motivation, runner’s high or all of the above but “there
really is no excuse for letting go of your fitness goals when tempera-
tures drop. From activities at a large sports complex in town to a game
of basketball at the mosque, there is always something to do — if you
choose,” says Ismail, who is the owner of Fitness Essentials, LLC and
Weight Loss Director with Nadoona
. Given Ismail’s
20 years of experience as a movement therapist, personal trainer and
nutritional coach, when she offers advice you take notes.
If the weather is really bad, Ismail recommends the Jillian Michaels DVD
series for beginners and P90X for more advanced workouts. And with
smart phone apps, you can get fitness videos at your fingertips — liter-
ally. The Wii Fit and XBOX Kinect games can also serve as “undercover
workouts” and get the whole family off the couch.
“It may sound corny but shoveling snow (or making snowmen) can also
be a workout. Corral the kids by making teams where everyone has to
shovel the snow into their fort before a snow ball fight,” says Mubarakah
Ibrahim, Founder of New Haven, Connecticut based Fit Muslimah
and Balance Fitness, and invitee to the 2012
White House
Besides maintaining the Fit Muslimah online com-
munity, Ibrahim leads its international health and fitness retreats for
women to learn about nutritional information, fitness education and emo-
tional wellbeing. The most recent one was held in Bermuda.
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