Winter 2012
The Dietitian is In
—A Prescription to AgingGracefully
by YaQutullah Ibraheem Muhammad
Mrs. Molly Darden, an Atlanta, Georgia
native, exchanged a sedentary lifestyle
for water skiing at age 70. “After several
water skiing lessons, I began to believe I
could do it and found it challenging and
satisfying to recapture the vigor and dis-
cipline of my earlier years,” says Darden,
71, a grandmother. “On a lovely August
day not only did I get up on one ski, I
took my first barefooting lesson (water
skiing barefoot)! Woo hoo! I found that
my best self is still in this old body. I stay
active by jet skiing, doing aerobics and
total fitness training.” Osteoporosis, high
blood pressure, cardiovascular disease,
cancer are all common enemies during
the golden years. Loneliness has been
proven to exacerbate issues. You may
think these conditions are inevitable but,
as Mrs. Darden show us, healthy aging
is possible.
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