IFANCA to Speak at First Gulf Conference on Halal Industry and its Services in Kuwait

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

(January 24, 2011 – Al-Salmiyah, Kuwait...) The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA®) is participating at the First Gulf Conference on Halal Industry and its Services in Kuwait. The conference will take place from January 24, to January 26, 2011, and is dubbed as the first event for halal industry discussions on the Arabian Gulf. 

 The conference is organized by the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs of  Kuwait (MAIASK), the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), and  GCC Standardization Organization. This conference enjoys the cooperation  with international specialized organizations in the halal standards industry, s  such as the Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation, the Public Authority for Industry  in Kuwait, Halal Industry Development Foundation for the Awqaf Ministry of  Malaysia, International Halal Integrity Alliance of Malaysia (IHIA), the  Association of Awareness and Information to the Defense of Muslim  Consumers in France (ASIDCOM), and the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council  of America (IFANCA). 

 The conference has also lined up a diverse group of speakers from all over  the world, including Malaysia, South Africa, USA and UK. The conference is  designed to cover a wide array of topics ranging such as global halal  standards, status of ingredients, and animal welfare standards. 

 Dr. Muhammad Munir Chaudry, President of IFANCA, is also a featured  speaker in the program. He will be speaking on the second day of the  conference, January 25, 2011, under the segment of Chemical Status of  Ingredients and Halal Production Requirements. Dr. Muhammad Munir  Chaudry will share his thirty years of experience in ingredient technology in  his presentation entitled Chemical Feed: Food and Feed Ingredients. His talk  will also cover biotechnology and genetically modified (GM) food issues and  the halal status of these processes. 

 Dr. Chaudry said that IFANCA was proud to be part of the historic conference,  and wishes the conference goals' to receive an astounding success. "The First  Gulf Conference on Halal Industry and its Services will raise the global food  and beverage industry's awareness of halal to a higher level," says Dr.  Chaudry. He added that such conferences would enable Middle Eastern  countries to join the same level of success that is currently enjoyed by  Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia in the realm of food, beverage and  pharmaceutical trade. 

 Today, these nations enjoy a high standard of halal certification for meat,  packaged foods, cosmetics, medical, and lifestyle products. By investing in  developing high quality halal standards, these countries have enabled global  companies to streamline business practices and enjoy fruitful, long-term  relationships with their economies. 

 Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of  America (IFANCA®), is one of the world's leading and well respected not-for-  profit halal-certification agencies. Featured in various media such as The Wall  Street Journal, Prepared Foods, and CNN, IFANCA has been promoting halal  for the past 28 years. IFANCA was recognized in the Best Halal Related  Service Provider Award by the Halal Journal at World Halal Forum 2007.  IFANCA certified halal products are sold in nearly every country of the world  and cover all food industry categories.

 For more information about IFANCA, visit www.ifanca.org.

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