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Halal Digest Header June 2008
ISSN 1533-3361
Alhamdulillah was-salatu was-salaamu 'ala rasoolillah. All thanks and praise is to ALLAH, Subhanahu wa ta'ala, and we ask that HIS blessings and peace be upon HIS Messenger, Muhammad, salla ALLAHu alaihi wa sallam. end of article
Navigating The IFANCA Website
From The IFANCA Mail Bag
New IFANCA Halal Certified Companies

Navigating The IFANCA Website

Navigating The IFANCA Website... Not infrequently, we receive inquiries about information which is already posted on our website in one form or another. While we have tried to post the information in an easily accessible manner, it might help to review where information can be found and how to navigate the site.

The home page offers some quick information. For a quick search of products or information, you can use the Quick Search section on the top right. Enter your search word(s) and click Go to get the available information.

For information in French, click on the French flag in the middle left to go to the French language version of the IFANCA website.

To be put on the IFANCA email list, go to the Newsletter section on the bottom left and enter your email address, select Subscribe and click Go. You will start receiving information from IFANCA by email. This includes notification when the Halal Digest Newsletter has been posted, Eid greetings, news release information and other announcements. IFANCA does not share or sell email addresses. If you no longer wish to receive email, you can remove yourself from the list by entering your email address, selecting Remove and clicking Go.

To see the last three halal-certified products posted on the site, look under the Newly Certified section in the middle bottom.

To see the last three Announcements posted, look under the Announcements section in the bottom right.

Most of the information is accessed by the three major sections: General, Consumer and Industrial.

In the General section, we have information which is directed to anyone looking for halal information. The links here include:

  • What Is Halal? This provides an explanation of halal and a definition of some of the terms used. It also lists the major classifications of haram (prohibited) products and ingredients. Anything which is not haram is halal.
  • About Us. This provides information on IFANCA including our mission, office locations, global activities and endorsements by various global organizations and government agencies.
  • Announcements. This provides a list of archived announcements and news releases going back to 2005.
  • Contact Us. This provides IFANCA contact information and the contact form you can use to submit your questions and comments. While we have not yet limited the space available for questions and comments, it is not intended for long dissertations, resumes, etc. We strive to respond to inquiries within 48 business hours. Feel free to call in if you have more urgent needs.
  • Halal Food Conference. This provides information on upcoming IFANCA Conferences and a list of previous conferences.
  • Search. This is a powerful tool you can use to search for information you may not find readily listed. Enter any search term and you will get a list of all references to that term within the IFANCA site. By using this search, you can find the answer to many of the questions you may have.

In the Consumer section, we have information that is directed to consumers, especially halal consumers. The links here include:

  • Halal Product Directory. This provides access to the list of retail IFANCA halal-certified products. Under this link, you will find a list of product categories. By clicking on a category, you will get a list of all the IFANCA halal-certified products under that category. This will include the manufacturer’s name and the product name. You can then click on the manufacturer’s name to get more information on them or on the product name to get the region the product is certified for and the expiration date of the halal certification. Please note, not all products listed are halal certified for the entire world. Some products are only certified for specific countries (i.e., USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.), others for specific regions (i.e., South East Asia, Europe, etc.) and some for Worldwide distribution.
  • Search Halal Products. This provides the ability to search for products manufactured by a specific company or marketed in a specific region. If you know the specific product name, you can enter that in the first box and click Search. This is the most narrow search you can try. If you want to know what halal-certified products a specific company produces, you can click on the Any Manufacturer drop down box and select that company and then click Search. This will list all the halal-certified products manufactured by that company. If you want to find halal-certified products for your region, you can click on the Any Region drop down box and select the region of interest. Then click Search and you will see the list of all halal-certified products for that region. The final drop down box determines how the listing will be sorted, either by Product, Manufacturer or Region.
  • Halal Digest Newsletter. This provides access to Halal Digest, IFANCA’s monthly web newsletter. In the newsletter you can find feature articles, news about IFANCA Halal certified companies and other useful information. You will be able to access the current issue or older archive issues.
  • Halal Consumer Magazine. This provides access to Halal Consumer, IFANCA’s print magazine. The magazine is published twice a year and a condensed copy if posted on the site. In the magazine you will find feature articles, lists of IFANCA certified companies and products and other useful information and announcements.
  • Halal Shopper’s Guide. This provides a handy list of the more common haram products and ingredients. While it is not a comprehensive list of haram and questionable ingredients, it does list many of the more common ones you will find listed on product ingredient labels. IFANCA does not believe that halala and haram lists are useful since they can become outdated auickly and there is no way to let users know about the changes. To provide halal consumers with a means of screening products, IFANCA produced this Halal Shopper’s Guide. It is designed so you can print it and carry it with you while shopping so can refer to it if you have questions or doubts about products. Of course, halal certification si the best means of screening products, but if that is not available, the Guide can help.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This provides answers to some of the most commonly asked consumer questions (i.e., questions on cheese, chocolate liquor, gelatin, yellow number 5, etc.).

In the Industrial section, we have information that is directed to the industry, especially companies interested in getting their products halal certified. The links here include:

  • Halal Certification Benefits. This provides information on the benefits of obtaining halal certification for your products and why IFANCA is the right partner for you in producing halal-certified products.
  • Halal Certification Procedure. This provides information on the procedure for getting your products halal-certified.
  • Apply For Certification Online. This provides the application for halal certification. If can be completed online and sent in or downloaded and printed and then faxed or mailed in. all items should be completed to expedite the halal certification process.
  • Halal Glossary. This provides definitions of some common terms and ingredients.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This provides answers to some of the most commonly asked industry questions (i.e., what is halal, what is halal certification, how does HACCP fit in with halal certification, etc.).

We hope this makes your next visit more pleasant. We welcome suggestions and ideas. You can use the Contact Us form to submit them. enjoy! end of article

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From The IFANCA Mail Bag

Inquiries regarding creatine ethyl ester and bourbon vanilla... Letter: Salam. I would like to know if creatine ethyl ester is halal? I know that anything synthetic is halal(correct me if wrong), and creatine is usually synthetic...but the ethyl ester puzzles me, is it alcohol therefore making it haram or not? Thanks very much for the service.
Muaaz, Brunei

IFANCA Response: Creatine is actually presented in vertebrates. For use in the energy drinks it is generally the synthetic version. There is no alcohol in the product. The product is considered synthetic and halal.

Letter: Bismillaah. Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad. As-Salaamu alaykum. The last time I checked, the vanilla yogurt fruitful popsicle label suggests that it contains \"bourbon vanilla\". I was wondering if the fruitful company just put your halal symbol on everything as a blanket certification or if you consciously certified this product and why? Shukran. Jazaak Allaah.
Andreann, Baltimore

IFANCA Response: It is a certified product. Bourbon vanilla is a type of vanilla bean. It has no relationship with bourbon the liquor. It is an excellent question though. end of article

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New IFANCA Halal Certified Companies
Companies and LocationDescription of Halal Certified ProductsMarket SegmentMarket Region
Avos Bakery, USA Mediteranian Breadsticks Retail Worldwide as requested
Bluegrass Dairy and Food, USA Spray Dried Dairy Powder Industry USA
Bongrain (Tianjin) Foods, China Process Cheese Retail / Food Service China, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UAE
Cambridge Manufacturing Co., UK Cambridge Diet Products Industry Malaysia, UAE
Dieceutical Supplements, LLC, USA Nutritional Supplements Retail Canada, Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA
DSM Food Specialties, USA Yeast Industry Canada , USA
East Balt, Inc, USA English Muffins Retail South Africa
Imex China, China Noodles Retail Worldwide
Michigan Milk Producers, USA Cream, Milk, Grade A Butter Industry Canada, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA
Ocean Spray Cranberries, USA Sweetened Dry Cranberries Industry Worldwide
Pita Pan Old World Bakery, USA Flat Bread Retail Canada, USA
Pushpam Health Care, India Non Alcohol Beverage Retail Worldwide
Sami Labs, India Herbal Extract Industry Worldwide
Sunsweet Growers, USA Sunsweet Brand Products Retail Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA
United Dairymen of Arizona, USA Butter Industry Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand
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