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IFANCA Canada Participates At CIFST 19th Annual Table Top Suppliers

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Alhamdulillah was-salatu was-salaamu 'ala rasoolillah. All thanks and praise is to ALLAH, Subhanahu wa ta'ala, and we ask that HIS blessings and peace be upon HIS Messenger, Muhammad, salla ALLAHu alaihi wa sallam. end of article
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IFANCA Canada Participates At CIFST 19th Annual Table Top Suppliers’ Exhibition 2007, Mississauga, Ontario

Besides the IFANCA booth, there were 156 IFANCA clients amongst the other vendors in attendance. We spoke to IFANCA Clients Tic Gums, Cargill, Grande Cheese and Fortitech to learn what they'd brought for show-and-tell to the expo. This information is only to further an awareness as to goings on in the industry, and do not imply certification of specific ingredients by IFANCA, unless specified. IFANCA Canada participated by setting up a booth at the 19th Annual Table Top Suppliers' Exhibition 2007, on November 13, 2007. Various leading food manufacturers participated in the event. The number of exhibits were over 210 and more than 1400 people attended this annual exhibition. It was a great opportunity to network and find out what is new. Exhibitors used the tabletops to display literatures, samples and gift items, etc. IFANCA Canada displayed its official publication, Halal Consumer. This magazine has a circulation of 40,000 and is being distributed among Muslim consumers and food industry professionals across North America and internationally. IFANCA's mission is to educate Muslim consumers about the halal industry.

According to Bob Crane, Chairman, CIFST Toronto Section, this event has always been one of the most cost effective trade shows around and this year they have enhanced the value even further. Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST) was founded in 1951 and is the national association for food industry professionals.

"I was so glad to see people from the food industry showing so much interest in learning about Halal certification" says Haider Khattak, IFANCA Canada Halal Auditor. end of article

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Halal Happenings

IFANCA was one of the many co-sponsors at the International Goat Symposium in Canada this September. The theme was "Profit through Genetics". A day & a half of presentations; concurrent sessions and demonstrations addressed various aspects of goat genetics from genetic improvement in Canada and around the world; to using on-farm records for daily decision making; to use of artificial insemination and embryo transfer; to discussions for those interested in entering the dairy or meat goat business. New Report Calls For Exclusive Halal Airline

November 2007 - The World Travel Market Global Trend Reports 2007, issued a report, this month, calling for airlines to target Muslim consumers who are interested in observing ‘religious tourism’. According to Fiona Jeffery, chairperson of World Travel Market, this could entail creating ‘halal’ airlines that serve only halal food, do not serve alcohol on board, have Korans in the front seat pocket, offer the calls to prayer, screen religious programming on the inflight entertainment system, and separate seating for men and women. The report forecasts the number of inbound tourists to the Middle East to grow by 66 percent by 2011.

Just as the Vatican set up its own budget airline to transport pilgrims to holy sites in 2007, there is potential for the development of a Halal airline to develop into one of the most resilient forms of tourism, the report stated.

Tourism revenue in the Middle East is expected to grow by 108 percent to almost US$51 billion and domestic tourism by 82 percent to reach US$24 billion in 2011.

Master Plan For Halal Food Industry

Kuala Lumpur - The Halal Industry Development Corp (HDC) intends to reveal a 'master plan for the halal food industry' early in December, said chief executive officer, Datuk Jamil Bidin.

"The master plan will provide the direction for the industry and would include component capacity building and branding and promotion of 'Halal Malaysia'. This year's theme is Towards Innovation and Sustainable Growth."

Malacca Aims To Attract Halal Manufacturers

Malacca - The State Development Corporation here plans to develop "a 2 hectare site in Serkam as Malacca's halal hub," said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam. This would comprise 34 workshops and 10 shop houses at the site, at the cost of RM9.1mil, he added. The plan entails setting aside land for those interested in setting up plants to manufacture halal products, he said as he inaugurated a halal industry seminar here.

Mr. Rustam also urged companies with government affiliations to help small entrepreneurs market their halal products both domestically and in international markets. He also urged the state Islamic Affairs department and the Halal Industry Development Corporation to take stringent action against those found using the halal logo illegally.

Not only that he encouraged Muslims to increase participation as manufacturers of halal goods vs. just being consumers. Muslims, currently produce only 15% of the halal goods in Malacca, the third smallest state of Malaysia. end of article

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IFANCA Halal Certified Company News

IFANCA halal-certified Super-Pufft is the store brand manufacturer of choice for potato chips for North America's largest retailers. Their secret to such great quality chips? The potatoes are processed the very day they are received. Super-Pufft is also the largest manufacturer of store brand popcorn in Canada. Whether its cheddar cheese popcorn, white butter flavored popcorn, or caramel corn in tubs or bags, you can be sure that Super-Pufft produces the very best... Lifeway Foods Presents Halal Lassi

Drinkable Yogurt is a relatively new, yet increasingly popular trend, in the food industry in North America and around the world. Global sales were up 18% in 2006, according to ACNielsen (2006a) reports. Drinkable yogurt, however, is old hat in South Asia where it’s called lassi ( pronounced LAS-SEE) and is an old-fashioned summer drink made of yogurt, or buttermilk. Locals drink it as is, salted, sweetened or flavored. The most common flavor available in USA is mango lassi.

Lifeway Foods has developed a variety of drinkable yogurts and now brings halal certified lassi in different flavors such as Mango Flavor Lassi and Strawberry Flavor Lassi, to retail stores. Both are available as eight oz packages. The drink makes a great addition to a child’s lunch box or a brown bag lunch for an adult on the go, or even as an after-school snack.

What can possibly make yogurt non-halal? Most brands of yogurt available in North America contain non-halal gelatin. Other doubtful ingredients could also be used in the making of yogurt, including flavors, which could make the yogurt non-halal. IFANCA halal certification removes all such doubts about the ingredients.


Johanna Foods Inc. Brings Halal Desi Natural Dahi To Your Kitchen

Certified as halal by IFANCA, Desi Natural Dahi or yogurt is now available in retail stores all over the U.S. What's not to love in this delicious source of calcium? Desi Natural Dahi can be used as a substitute for sour cream over baked potatoes or enchiladas, it can replace some of the oil or butter in a muffin, brownie, or cake recipe. Alternatively, it maybe used to replace all of the fat called for in cake mixes. And for that extra healthy start to your day, stir in a table spoonful of ground flaxseed to your cup of Dahi, the spoonable yogurt, and get some protein, as well. end of article

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Test Your Food IQ

Water Is Halal So Why Does It Need To Be Certified?... Questions:

  1. True or false: Trimming the fat eliminates most of the cholesterol from meats.
  2. What are the best sources of vitamin E? (a) milk, (b) wheat germ, (c) safflower oil, or (d) nuts.
  3. Which type of bread is the best source of fiber? (a) made with unbleached flour, (b) made with enriched wheat flour, (c) made with whole wheat flour, or (d) multi-grain flour.
  4. The label on a package reads that an eight oz serving has total of 110 calories and 27 calories from fat. Is this a "high-fat" food?
  5. Which of these are good sources of vitamin C? (a) basmati rice, (b) orange juice, (c) broccoli, or (d) baked potato with sour cream.


  1. True. Although most animal products contain cholesterol, it is concentrated in the fat. It is important to trim the fat from all meats, because saturated fat raises blood cholesterol levels.
  2. (b, c, and d) Safflower oil and wheat germ are excellent sources, although nuts are a good source to.
  3. (c) Bread made with whole wheat flour contains the most amount of bran; a good source of fiber.
  4. No. Only 24% of its calories come from fat. A food is considered "high-fat" if more than 30% of its calories come from fat.
  5. (b and c) The orange juice and broccoli are rich sources of vitamin C.
      end of article

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Companies and LocationDescription of Halal Certified ProductsMarket
Aqua+Tech, SWITZERLAND Flocculants (AlpineFloc and SnowFlake) Industry
Jianxi Chengzhi Bioengineering Ltd., China Amino Acid and Ribose Industry
Lifeway Foods, Inc. USA Mango and Strawberry Flavored Lassi Retail
Nature's Way Products, Inc., USA Multivitamin Suppliments Retail
Novel Ingredient Services, USA Citrus Bioflavonoid Industry
Oleoforfait S.A (Rafael Salgado), SPAIN Sunflower, Grape, and Olive Oils Industry
Otis Spunkmeyer Inc., USA Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chips, Muffins, and Brownies Food Service
Prayon Inc., USA Phosphates Industry
RCB Life Sceiences, Inc., USA Antioxidant Dietary Suppliments Retail
Sigma-Aldrich, USA Food Chemicals Industry
West Point Dairy, LLC, USA Salted and Unsalted Butter Retail
West Point Dairy, LLC, USA Salted and Unsalted Butter Industry
West Point Dairy, LLC, USA Salted and Unsalted Butter Single Serve Food Service
Zheijiang Quzhou Tiansheng Plant Extract Co. Ltd, CHINA Citrus Aurantium Extract Industry
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