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 Institute of Food Technologists Expo 2011 : IFANCA Offered Ramadan Recipe

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Alhamdulillah was-salatu was-salaamu 'ala rasoolillah. All thanks and praise is to ALLAH, Subhanahu wa ta'ala, and we ask that HIS blessings and peace be upon HIS Messenger, Muhammad, salla ALLAHu alaihi wa sallam. end of article
IFT Expo 2011: Ramadan Recipe Development
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Institute of Food Technologists Expo 2011 Recap: IFANCA Offered Ramadan Recipe Development for IFT Attendees

This year's IFT Expo took place on the heels of one of the world's longest and largest  religious occasions-Ramadan...This year's IFT Expo took place on the heels of one of the world's longest and largest religious occasions – Ramadan. Though Ramadan is a very spiritual occasion when food takes a back seat to devotion to worship, Muslims still need to eat.

The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA®) exhibited its halal certification and technical services from June 12 - 14, 2011, at the Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting and Food Expo 2011. IFANCA's display booth, #7516, offered free consultations about all halal matters, including new recipe development for Ramadan product launches.

When it comes to halal food certification, Ramadan has proven to be a strategic time for new food innovations, product launches and culinary trends. From 2009 to 2010, IFANCA has seen a growth of 20 percent in global halal product certification. Dr. Muhammad Munir Chaudry, President of IFANCA, says "In major halal target markets, food is center-stage during Ramadan. This is the time when halal consumers experiment and seek out new food products and brands."

The trend seems to hold true for both key halal consumer regions such asAsia and Middle-East, as well as upcoming niche market areas like North America and Europe. Last year, Nestle expanded its halal product offeringsduring Ramadan in both Asia and Europe. This move was undertaken in view of the growing global halal food market. Halal food is currently assessed at US$ 634 billion per annum, and forming 16 percent of the entire global food industry. Similarly, American Halal Company launched its first Saffron Road product line in USA last Ramadan in Whole Foods. Saffron Road products went on to be named one of the top 10 specialty food products in 2011. end of article

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IFANCA Halal-Certified Company News

Organic Valley, Cavendish Farms, ...IFANCA Certified Organic Valley Honored with National Dairy Quality Awards

Organic Valley products, halal-certified by IFANCA for export only, include organic 1% low fat milk, organic chocolate milk, organic vanilla flavored milk, organic strawberry flavored milk, organic whole milk powder and organic non-fat dry milk.

Earlier this year, Organic Valley, the nation's largest organic farmer-owned cooperative, announced that 10 of its farmer-owners received National Dairy Quality Awards for 2010 at the National Mastitis Council's annual meeting in Arlington, VA.

"Our co-op prides itself in the high-quality organic milk produced by all of our dairy farmer-owners," said George Siemon, founding farmer for Organic Valley. "But we are especially proud of these farmers who are being nationally recognized for their extraordinary efforts. We honor their dedication and commitment to producing the best product possible for our customers."

Cavendish Farms – A Customer-Centric Supplier of Halal Frozen French Fries

With the support of IFANCA, Cavendish Farms is a very proud supplier of Halal certified products to customers in Malaysia, Singapore, & Indonesia as well as to the Middle East including U.A.E, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. For over 30 years, Cavendish Farms has been providing high quality products and services to customers worldwide. Cavendish Farms is a member of the Irving Group of Companies — a family-owned organization whose commitment to quality products and services dates back over 125 years.

Cavendish Farms has grown to be one of the largest processor of frozen potato products worldwide. The company supplies leading grocery, food service and quick service restaurants around the globe. It has two plants in Prince Edward Island, Canada and a third in Jamestown, ND, USA.

Our strategy is "Customer Focused in Everything We Do". This focus ensures consistently high quality products and unbeatable taste on every plate. All Cavendish Farm's products are trans fat free, cholesterol free, prepared in non-hydrogenated 100% vegetable oil and Halal certified. For more information visit www.cavendishfarms.comend of article

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IFANCA At Upcoming Events

Catch IFANCA at the following events: Prepared Foods R&D Applications Seminar, Aug 3rd, 2011, American Muslim Consumer Conference 2011, Booth Pavilion ...IFANCA at the Prepared Foods R&D Applications Seminar, Aug 3rd, 2011

Topic: Halal Ingredients & Formulations: Your Global Competitive Advantage. 9:15 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.; Hyatt Regency O'Hare, Rosemont, IL. Click for more information.


IFANCA to Present Halal Education Session at Prepared Foods’ R&D Applications Seminar 2011

The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) will be presentinga halal education session at Prepared Foods' R&D Applications Seminar on Wednesday, August 3, 2011. The presentation will take place from 9:15 AM to 9:55 AM and is designed to explain food technicians what is halal's global competitive edge. Halal is a $2.1 trillion global market and continues to grow.

This is the first time the R&D Applications Seminar will feature a presentation on the global opportunities for halal ingredients and products. Emerging ingredients, flavors, meats and marinades, confectionaries, texturizing agents, beverages and prepared foods - halal ingredients are key to consumers in each of these categories. Is your R&D team leveraging these ingredient and formulation opportunities? Attending this education presentation can explain how becoming halal compliant is simpler than you think.

The Prepared Foods' R&D Applications Seminar is the industry's most comprehensive choice of application-oriented sessions. The conference provides a wide choice of over 40 different food science and technology presentations, with separate tracks each dedicated to a specific application, such as bakery, dairy, and healthy ingredients. It also has separate tracks for specific ingredients such as starches or gums, along with experts on-site to answer technical questions. This practical two-day food and beverage application event is still open for registration and will take place on August 2 and 3, 2011. The conference venue is conveniently located next to Chicago’s O'Hare Airport, at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, in Rosemont, Illinois. Don’t miss a unique opportunity to educate your team on a wide spectrum of topics like food colors, labels, formulation, and regulations. For more information, click here. 
Link 2:

IFANCA at American Muslim Consumer Conference 2011, Booth PavilionOn October 29, 2011, Hyatt Regency, New Brunswick, New Jersey. Visit us at the booth pavilion. Click for more informationend of article

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IFANCA In The News

IFANCA in the news...1) US Halal Market Gains Media Attention:

Food ingredients marketing specialist and Principal of Coman Brohan Davis Marketing, Lori Colman, explored the potential of halal-certified foods in her Natural Products' Insider blog. Colman describes the US halal market "segment often overlooked by manufacturers, as the bulk of certification belongs to products exported to well-known Muslim majority regions like the Middle East and Southeast Asia," a strategy that could be expanded to also include the US$ 20 billion that American Muslims spend annually on food. For complete story, click here:“halal”/#more-3539

2) IFANCA's Halal Foodservice Kit noticed by Halal Industry Media: featured an article on IFANCA's Halal Foodservice Kit, which was unveiled at the National Restaurant Show 2011. The Halal Foodservice Kit is designed to assist foodservice professionals better serve consumers following halal dietary guidelines – whether hospital patients or college students. American-Muslims, 8 to 9 million, make up the majority of American halal consumers. With an estimated consumer spending power of US $170 billion, they spend approximately US $20 billion on food alone. Increasingly, many hospitals and colleges are recognizing the need to diversify their menus. "Hospitals, college campus dining services, and restaurants are actively seeking to meet the halal dietary needs for American Muslims," says Dr. Muhammad Munir Chaudry, President of IFANCA. "IFANCA recognizes that a free Halal Foodservice Kit is an absolute essential for foodservice professionals looking to tap into this rapidly food market." For complete article, click here: end of article

New IFANCA Halal Certified Companies
Companies and LocationDescription of Halal-Certified ProductsMarket Segment
Biosint Spa, Sermoneta, Italy Nutritional Supplement Industry Worldwide
Max International LLC, Utah Dietary Supplements Dietry Marketing Worldwide
Agral S.A, Belgium Butter products & Dairy Blends Food Service Worldwide
Mother Murphy's Laboratories (Current Company) / U.S. Niutang Flavors Food Service USA
VSP Products Inc. Sun Dried Tomatoes Food Service, Retail, Industry Worldwide
Ajinomoto Aminoscience LLC Amino Acids Industry Worldwide
Tecsia Lubricants, Singapore Lubricant Industry Worldwide
Kerry Ingredients, Commerce CA Desert Mixes Food Service (Bulk) USA
Enzymotec Ltd Phosphatidylserine food chemicals Industry Worldwide
Choclat Uzma Sharif Chocolate bonbons - 8 flavors Retail USA
ConAgra Foods / Delhi, LA French Fried Sweet Potatoes Retail Worldwide
Powdersize, Inc, Quakertown, PA Sweetner for chewing Gum, Brand: Right Sweet - Acesulfame K Food Service (Bulk) USA
Prayon Food Chemical Industry Worldwide
Apicoltura Vangelisti sri, AREZZO, ITALY Honey Food Service , Retail Worldwide
DSM Foods Specialties /Main Street LaCross, WI Flavors Industry Worldwide
Sun Date LLC Dates Industry USA
Herbalife - MIT (subsidiary of Herbalife) Herbal aloe concentrate fromula 1436 Retail USA, Indonesia
National Vitamin Co., Casa Grande, AZ Softgels Retail Worldwide
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