Eid will be celebrated from August 19-21, 2012 to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan. The Blessed Month of Ramadan is observed with abstinence from food, beverages and many other things, from dawn till dusk and it is now time to feast. Eid Mubarak.


IFANCA Halal Certified MonoSol in the News For Edible Wrapping

IFANCA halal certified MonoSol, LLC, a market-leading manufacturer of water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) films, has been in the news lately as edible packaging is increasingly on manufacturers’ radars.MonoSol manufactures water-soluble films that are used in household brands around the world. The company’s flagship product, MonoDose film, is a dissolvable film essential to unit-dose detergent products. As the film dissolves, it releases the product that performs cleaning actions in automatic dishwashers and laundry equipment. MonoDose films are free from non-permissible (haram) or questionable (mashbooh) ingredients. Their films are certified halal and thereby suitable for use by halal consumers.

Good things are going to be happening to MonoSol and edible packaging. On May 22, 2012 Kuraray Co., Ltd. (Kuraray) announced it was acquiring MonoSol, LLC. According to a company statement, this acquisition by Kuraray supports its strategy to expand its Vinyl Acetate Chemical Chain Business. Through this acquisition, Kuraray will expand its product offering of PVA films into a wider range of industrial applications, thereby enhancing its competitiveness. Kuraray currently supplies “POVAL” PVA film for optical-uses including a polarizing film, which is an essential component of liquid crystal displays.

“This merger will allow MonoSol to continue to grow and service its customer base while providing additional R&D resources – capitalizing on the expertise of both groups. Utilizing the Kuraray Acetyl Products expertise will allow MonoSol to reach our product development goals faster and more efficiently. We are very excited about this combination and look forward to our future with Kuraray,” said P. Scott Bening, President and CEO of MonoSol, LLC.

Read more about MonoSol and edible packaging: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/lifestyle/2012/04/edible-packaging-eat-the-chips-and-the-bag/

           Lentils – The Newest Healthy Ingredient in Snacks



It may seem ironic that at the same time that snacking in America has seen a spike, so have healthy eating habits and food choices. It’s no wonder that manufacturers are rapidly recognizing the versatility and nutritional quality of lentils. New products like crackers, hummus, energy bars and snacks made with lentil flour are increasingly on store shelves. One such innovation is Enjoy Life Food’s Plentils®, an IFANCA halal certified snack chip made with a lentil-potato mixture.

Joel Warady, chief sales and marketing officer of Enjoy Life Foods, says the snacks contain 40 percent less fat than ordinary potato chips and have a thickness that holds up well to dips. The company, which specializes in gluten free foods, boasts that Plentils® are free from eight most common allergens, including dairy. Although three of the four Plentils® products are based on dairy flavors, they are in fact dairy-free.

“All of our products are non GMO and halal certified,” Warady says. “We are one of the few brands that have all of our products halal certified.” According to Warady, the company recognizes that the halal market is a growing one. Since the introduction of Plentils® in March, Enjoy Life Foods has had a great response from consumers.

“There is a great opportunity for lentils to be the base of other product lines,” Warady explains. “We use alternative bases for all of our products...we’re always looking at the unique lentil.”



“Halal: The Revenue, Retention and Recruitment Revolution” at the National Association of College & University Food Services Conference (NACUFS), Boston, July 11-14.

JULY 14, 2012 - Asma Ahad, IFANCA, Director of Halal Market Development, was a speaker at the National Association of College & University Food Services (NACUFS) conference on a panel titled, “ Halal: The Revenue, Retention and Recruitment Revolution”. Also speaking were Don Tymchuck, President, Med Diet Inc. and Richard Mason, Executive Director UChicago Dining, University of Chicago.

Each year thousands of Muslim students attend US colleges, yet only a handful of campus dining services offer halal-friendly meal plans. The national Muslim Student Association’s objective is to increase the availability of halal foods on campuses. University of Chicago responded to their Muslim students requests and established a halal kitchen to serve about hundred students.

“Is your dining operation prepared for halal?” was the question panelists put to attendees. They also shared practical information for implementing halal menus with minimal disruption to current operations. Other topics discussed included halal as a means of boosting meal revenues, increasing student satisfaction and elevating schools’ dining services reputation. IFANCA’s flagship publication, Halal Consumer magazine has the details. Read how UChicago approached halal dining at http://www.ifanca.org/magazine21

The response to the panel was terrific, said Ms. Ahad. “Halal and food service is the where the next big boom is at.” Follow the conversation as it unfolded on www.twitter.com/ifanca. Search for these hash tags: #halal#NACUFS2012 @ifanca


IFANCA At World Halal Food Council


Jakarta, Indonesia, July 4th-6th 2012: Muhammad Munir Chaudry, President of IFANCA and Chairman of the World Halal Food Council, Americas Region; Mr. Rachid Belbachir, Marketing Director, MENA Region, IFANCA and Zeshan Sadek, Director, Halal Food Council of Europe (HCFE) attended the World Halal Food Council meeting. Halal certifiers from forty organizations, experts from the food science industry and the field of Islamic jurisprudence convened to discuss the potential for the standardization of global halal guidelines.

Recognizing that Muslim majorities in various nations, differ in terms of the four schools of Islamic jurisprudence they follow, the Council concluded that while no one standard can be applied to every nation, the standards espoused by The Majlis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) would serve as the bench mark, as far as possible.

Matters discussed at the meeting included determining criteria for membership to the Council; establishing processes to discuss and adopt rulings about halal; transformation of non-halal materials to halal; and variations in different standards and practices adopted by certifying bodies who are members of WHFC.





Quezon City, Philippines, July 3, 2012: The National Commission for Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) and SAHL International Pte. Ltd. of Singapore to further promote the halal industry in that country. 

The partnership between NCMF, IFANCA and the SAHL International was established to enhance cooperation and capabilities in halal certification activities in line with the halal coordination and linkage programs of NCMF. 

The MOU was signed at the NCMF office by NCMF Secretary Mr. Mehol K. Sadain and Dr. Muhammad Munir Chaudry of IFANCA and Shahlan Hairalah of SAHL International. 

"The matter of the halal industry in the Philippines is seen as a very important aspect of the growth of Islam in the country. We aim to make our food and way of life as Muslims in this country equally halal," said Sadain. 

Asec. Ernesto Mascardo Ramel Jr. expressed support on behalf of the Office of the Philippines President underscoring the potential economic impact of the halal industry in the country. 





Halal Consumer Magazine: Summer Issue Now Available

Halal Consumer magazine’s Summer Issue is now available – at http://www.ifanca.org/magazine21. Online readers can keep up to date with the latest halal trends, nutrition news, recipes and articles. They can also 'clip and save’ sections of special interest and share their favorite articles via social media.

Clients featured in this issue include Amara Cosmetics, Amway Snack Bars, Bard Valley Medjool Dates, Chocolat, Desert Valley Dates, Godiva, Golden Bonbon, Mariani Packing Company, Sacred Chocolate, Sun Dates, Sunrider – Kandesn cosmetics and USANA cosmetics.

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Company Name

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Beijing Merya's Lecithin Co., Ltd., China

Soy Ingredients



Daelia's Food Company, Ltd., USA

Food Products



Gaomi Ruifeng Foods Co., Ltd., China

Fruits & Vegetables



Huaian Botai Chemical Co,.Ltd., China

Food Ingredients



Jingjing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China

Amino Acids



Mayfield Dairy Farms, USA

Dairy Products

Food Service


SensoryEffects Flavor Systems, USA




Benxi Black Horse Chemical I&C CO., Ltd., China

Food Chemicals



Dengfeng Guyuan Agri. Devlopment Co.,Ltd., China




Senlong Chemical Co., Ltd., China

Gums & Agar



Shanghai Coltec Plastic Trading Co., Ltd., China

Food Chemicals



Sichuan Blue Sword Import & Export Co., Ltd., China

Food Chemicals




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