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 Halal Consumer Magazine is a publication of the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA). Halal  Consumer educates halal consumers on food products, ingredients, nutritional products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and  other consumables. You will find enlightening articles that cover various halal topics as well as news  on halal certified  companies and upcoming event – a trusted resource for the halal consumer.

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 2013 Issues
Issue 24 - Spring 2013

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Editor’s Note

From the Publisher’s Desk

- Bring a Bit of Mediterranean Lifestyle In to Your Home

Eat Halal, Eat Healthy

The Health Benefits of Eating Greens

Globalization of Halal

Another Warning: Don’t ignore flavors in your food

Halal Word Puzzle

The Culture of Mediterranean Cuisine

Lower Your Risk of Cardiovascular

Diseases with the Mediterranean Diet

Get Grilling 

Mediterranean Table 

Eating for Your Heart 

Roast Breast of Lamb Moroccan Style 

Moroccan Grilled Lamb Chops 

Falafel and Cucumber Sauce 

The Perfect Cup of Tea 

Healthful Wonder Foods 

IFANCA Halal Certified Companies 

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 2012 Issues
Issue 23 - Winter 2012

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- Editor’s Note

- From the Publisher’s Desk

- When the Price Is Not Always Right

- Does it Have to be Organic?

- Spicy Haute Dining

- The Fit Muslim — Come Rain or Snow

- Whey to Go — The Best Kept Health & Weight Management) Secret

- The Buzz on Facebook.com/HalalConsumer

- Halal For Entrepreneurs — Your Key to New Markets

- The Case for Halal Certification if There is no Meat in a Product

- Food Fraud on US Dining Tables 

- The Dietitian is — A Prescription to Aging Gracefully

- Comfort Foods Across Cultures

- Fordson: Faith, Football and the American Dream

- IFANCA Directory of Halal Certified Companies


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Issue 22 - Fall 2012

- Editor’s Note

- From the Publisher’s Desk

- Unwrapped: Packaging You Can Actually Eat

- Halal: Is it Here Yet?

- Do-it-Yourself Udhiyah Sacrifices

- Kids In the Kitchen

- Eid-Ul-Fitr Gift Away

- The Buzz on Facebook.com/HalalConsumer

- Food Deserts: Scarcity in the Lands of Plenty

- Getting a Head Start — Pilgrims Hajj Bound, Younger

- Back-to-School Lunches

- Snack on This: The Not-So-Lowly Lentil

- Thanksgiving Treats with Malika Ameen

- Give Thanks Like There is No Tomorrow

- Clean Labels: A Story of Consumer Clout


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Issue 21 - Summer 2012

From the Publisher’s Desk

A Child’s First Fast

In the Spirit of Ramadan

Sharing the essence of Ramadan

Halal Finds a Home at University of Chicago

Journey into the World of Halal

19 Sign Up! Free Subscription to Halal Consumer

Ka-Ching! The Economic Impact of Ramadan

Dearborn’s Meals on Wheels Delivers A recipe for Halal Success

The A-z of Makeup 

National School Lunch Standards get a Makeover & Schools raise         the Bar

Think Outside the Envelope

Halal on the go: Vacationing While Muslim


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