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Welcome to IFANCA, one the world's leading resources for halal information. Halal, when applied to food, is a dietary set of guidelines for Muslims living an Islamic lifestyle. Since 1982, IFANCA is committed to helping halal consumers through research, education and advocacy. One of the services IFANCA provides to halal consumers is third-party halal certification. Our certification symbol, the Crescent helps halal consumers select goods, assuring them that what they buy is halal without a doubt.

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IFANCA has learned that Kong Long Huat Chemicals in Malaysia has misused a certificate issued to another producer to make it appear as though it was issued to them. IFANCA has not certified Kong Long Huat Chemicals and any certificate they present to the contrary is fraudulent. If you have any doubt about the authenticity of an IFANCA certificate, please contact us directly at halal@ifanca.org


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